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  Reporter: Over the past few decades, the Chinese economy has grown at breakneck speed to become the second biggest in the whole world. Rapid growth has been accompanied by huge changes in industry after industry. One area of activity that’s been transformed is the entertainment business, and the entrepreneur, Wang Zhongjun can claim to have played a big part in this transformation. Mr. Wang is the co-founder of what is now one of the biggest film and television companies in China. After working in the USA for several years, he returned home in the early 1990s and set up an advertising agency. Starting out, Wang Zhongjun felt it was important for his enterprise to appear reputable and well-established.
  Wang: (via translator) The first year was not actually very smooth for my company. I didn’t have a lot of start-up capital, but I wanted to make my business look impressive, so I leased a big office space and hired about 30 staff, despite the fact that money was only enough to pay the employees for about six months. I was under great pressure, but I was quite lucky to find a way to make a profit.
  Reporter: The breakthrough came when Wang Zhongjun remembered the signs he’d seen in America advertising restaurants, shops and many other businesses. Perhaps he could bring western-style branding to China.
  Wang: (via translator) I was inspired by the standardized logo of McDonald’s, that you could see everywhere across the U.S. I discovered that these shiny signs were made from good quality materials. I thought to myself that they must be made by a contractor, who was responsible for promoting the brand across the country, so I wanted to see if I could apply this approach to similar chain stores in China. But, after investigating the market, the only companies I could find with lots of branches were Chinese banks.
  Reporter: Wang Zhongjun was sure that some Chinese banks would be interested in having standardized professional-looking 1)signage for their branches, so he imported raw materials from the USA and started making signs, trying to keep his costs low and his standards high.   Wang: (via translator) We worked very hard to reduce the cost of manufacturing. We ended up focusing on one customer, for providing them with high quality products for almost two years. In the end, we made five million dollars. My friends back in America couldn’t believe I could make so much money in such a short time.
  Reporter: With the profits from sign-making, the company had the money to expand. In the late 1990s, his business moved into film production.
  Wang: (via translator) We didn’t copy the example of how Hollywood made films; we just invented the most suitable method for ourselves. We invested in three films, which were directed by the most wellknown directors in China at that time. Although we didn’t make much money out of these films, we did manage to establish our brand quite quickly.
  Reporter: Over the past few years, the company has produced a string of successful films and has expanded into related activities, such as talent representation and TV production.
  How does Wang Zhongjun see the future for his industry?
  Wang: (via translator) I think there’s a huge market for the entertainment business in China. Competition is very fierce, so companies will need to break into new areas. I believe the box-office in China can compete with that in the U.S. in the future. My vision for Huayi is for it to become a film-making giant.

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