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  It’s the original all-girl full-contact sport, high speed and hard core. Skaters like Janis Choplin, Gori Spelling and Skeev Jobs are whipping around a track at lightning speed. But you don’t need a name like Broadzilla or Suzy Snakeyes to join the party. In fact, for people who are starting to feel a little bored at the gym, this might be the ultimate full-body workout.
  1)Derby-inspired fitness classes are popping up now all over the country, incorporating all the 2)cardio, 3)squats and core training of real roller derby but without the body 4)slams. And the women say it’s addictive.
  Woman 1: It’s the only exercise I’ve ever been excited about.
  At Derby Light in Chicago, women of all ages lace up, and for an hour at least, transform into roller derby 5)powerhouses, and they’re seeing results.
  Woman 2: I lost 80 pounds.
  While not as brutal as the original sport, it still looks dangerous to me.
  Rebecca Ninburg (a.k.a.Demolicious): Some new girls would come in and they’re like, “Am I gonna get hurt?” and I just tell them 100%...yes.
  Cameron Mathison: But they keep comin’ back.
  Demolicious: Because, honestly, the payoff, like you don’t feel the pain.
  “Demolicious” was a pro herself, but here in Los Angeles at the L.A. Derby Dolls, she offers a derby fitness program for beginners…like me.
  Demolicious: Because you’re roller skating, you’re moving fast, it’s really exciting, your 6)endorphins are going. It’s almost like fitness is a by-product ’cause the game is so awesome.
  Jess Beatty has been taking the class for six months.
  Cameron: What was it about derby that drew you in, versus other things that you could do to stay in shape?
  Jess: I don’t love the gym. I’d seen derby before. It was hard to come in ’cause I was really scared, but now I’m doin’ it.   Cameron: What changes have you noticed since you’ve done this?
  Jess: I’ve lost 50 pounds since November. All of a sudden my body changed shape and my muscles and my legs are incredibly strong.
  But that’s not all you build here on the track.
  Jess: It helps you conquer your fears, so it’s been helping with confidence…
  Demolicious: There’s some people that come in here to lose weight. Whoa!
  Jess: Probably easier ways to lose weight.
  Cameron: Yeah.
  Demolicious: Well, ’cause we don’t encourage losing weight. We encourage being in great shape.
  Jess: You can really start to push yourself in ways that you never thought you were gonna push yourself, and the ways that…that translates into your life.
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